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Parent Involvement

The Lakeside Parent Volunteer Organization

The objective of the Parent Volunteer Organization at Lakeside Presbyterian Center for Children is to work in support of the school administration and staff to enhance this important first school experience for our children.

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Lakeside parents have the wonderful opportunity to participate in their child's school experience. As a condition of enrollment, parents do a classroom-related job once a month, such as making play dough for the class, washing classroom toys, or providing the class snack. And they work in their child's classroom a minimum of once every other month. Parent participation in the classroom is per child, so parents with two enrolled children will work in the classroom once a month and do two classroom-related jobs per month. A $15 fee will be assessed per missed classroom volunteer day. A $15 fee will also be assessed per missed classroom-related job.

In addition, parents attend monthly informational or educational meetings, which are usually held the first Wednesday of each month. Often there are guest speakers on topics of interest to Lakeside parents. In some months, a planned social event such as the Family Welcome Picnic or the Christmas Party substitutes for the meeting. A $15 fee will be assessed for each missed parent meeting.

Parents also complete at least 20 points' worth of Parent Volunteer Organization tasks each school year. The Parent Volunteer points commitment can be met by serving as an event coordinator, such as Pumpkin Patch Trip Coordinator or Fall Book Fair Coordinator, or by serving in a defined role, such as Newsletter Editor or Parent Handbook Coordinator. Parent Volunteer points can also be earned by helping with event setup or cleanup or by serving on a committee, and there are many opportunities to volunteer for whatever particularly interests the parents. Half of the Parent Volunteer points must be reported to the Points Coordinator by mid-December; the other half by the end of the following May. A fee of $30 per point will be assessed for each point missed.

Parent Volunteer Points Forms

Once you have earned points and filled out a Points Statement, please put it into the Points Coordinator mailbox at school or attach a scan of it to an email and send it to the .