Enrichment Programs

  • Over 60 years of early childhood education

    Beyond having your children in our care, we want to thoughtfully extend your children’s growth throughout the day. We offer an art studio program that cultivates expression and creativity. We also offer music and movement to meet the developmental need for gross motor activity. In our outdoor space, we offer a garden curriculum where children learn to plant, grow and sometimes even eat fruits and vegetables. Depending on your child’s schedule, they will experience these programs as well as the familiar transitions of lunch and/or nap.

    Additionally, we offer various after school programs through outside vendors, such as, SF Tots, Head Over Heels SF, It’s Yoga Kids and more!
  • Art Studio

    Enrichment Program, Pre-K and TK

    The Art Studio was introduced in 2012. In this program, the pre-K and TK children explore and engage with different materials and mediums and learn about art history and artists. Often, materials are revisited with new ideas and uses. Most projects extend over a course of weeks, deepening engagement and learning. Art pieces are compiled at the end of the school year in student portfolios.  Art Studio is included as part of the extended care program for the pre-K and TK students.

  • Music and Movement

    Enrichment Program, Preschool

    The Music and Movement program is offered through Jamaroo Kids.  During the 30-minute weekly session, children sing songs and play with a large variety of simple instruments including tambourines, cymbals, maracas, triangles and different types of drums. Children will also interact with puppets, use rhythm sticks, bean bags and streamers. Many of the activities in this class will promote cognitive development through the use of numbers, colors, shapes and letters.  Music and Movement with Jamaroo Kids is included as part of the two preschool classes.

  • Garden

    Enrichment Program, all classes

    During outdoor play time, the children have the opportunity to get hands-on learning in our Lakeside garden.  Here, children learn about insects, fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, herbs, seeds, life cycles, seasons, weather, water conservation, teamwork and solitude.  This living laboratory provides an interactive environment where students observe, discover, experiment, and nurture.


  • SF Public Library’s Children’s Librarian

    Enrichment Program, all classes

    Once a month, Kimberley Lauer, the Children’s Librarian at the San Francisco Public Library’s Merced Branch, comes to visit the children for a 30-minute storytelling session.  She brings books, puppets and her guitar for fun-filled storytime. 


  • SF Tots

    After School Program, all classes

    Coach Brian Phelps of SF Tots along with his team run sports classes at Lakeside.  SF Tots is locally owned and runs sports classes in San Francisco since 2007. The program teaches motor skills, communication, teamwork and introduces the sport in a fun, non-competitive environment.  SF Tots is a separate fee program offered after school at Lakeside at 10-week sessions per sport, with soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring.


  • Martial Arts

    After School Program, all classes

    Sensei Sue Miller teaches the martial arts program at Lakeside. This is an introduction to the discipline of karate in a fun and positive environment, focusing on hand and eye coordination, body awareness, following instructions and social interaction. Children learn commands in Japanese and get familiar with exercises, kicks and blocks. Sensei Sue Miller has studied Karate since 1972 and holds the rank of 7th degree black belt.  Martial Arts is a separate fee program offered in the mornings at Lakeside at 10-week sessions in the fall and in the spring. 


  • Gymnastics

    After School Program, all classes

    Megan Gallagher of Head Over Heels Gymnastics and Circus San Francisco heads Lakeside’s after school gymnastics program.  It is recreational, non-competitive gymnastics for children that teaches tumbling, acrobatics, and much more.  Their purpose is to provide enthusiastic, creative gymnastics/motor skill development instruction to develop self-confidence in children by promoting their flexibility, balance, and overall body coordination.  Gymnastics is a separate fee program offered in the afternoons at Lakeside at 10-week sessions in the fall, winter, and spring.


  • Yoga

    After School Program, all classes

    It’s Yoga Kids offers yoga classes after school at Lakeside.  Classes are focused on movement, meditation and mindfulness, helping children build strength, flexibility, focus, balance, coordination and relaxation.  Yoga is a separate fee program offered in the afternoons at Lakeside at 10-week, 30-minute sessions in the fall and in the spring.  Each child will receive their own yoga mat to keep included in the registration fee.


  • Summer Camps

    Enrichment Program, 2.5 to 5 years old

    Come join us for any or all 8 weeks of Summer mini-camps! We offer fun, engaging activities throughout the Summer. Your child will have an exciting time exploring while making new friends! Our Summer program consists of 4-hour sessions daily, including morning snacks and lunch (please bring your own lunch). If you are looking to enroll your child in the Fall, our Summer camp program is a great way to introduce your child to our facility and staff. 

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